Official logo of the Green Beret Foundation

The Green Beret is earned through trials and tribulations. The intent is to select the worlds most adaptive Special Forces warrior. Through the last decade the Green Berets have willingly carried the brunt of the global war on terror. Special Forces have incurred the highest number of combat wounded and killed in action out of all the Special Operations community. As a warrior you are aware of these possibilities, and choose to deal with these realities in you own way.

On the Home Front

After several years and deployments in Special Forces under my belt I always find the most challenging issue to be dealing with the separation from your life at home. I cannot help but to think what will happen to my family if I become a casualty. This is a tangible stressor for most operators, and it does effect their performance on deployments. Formed in October 2009, the Green Beret Foundation has become the premier support agency for Special Forces and more importantly their families. Knowing you and your loved ones will be looked after if a crisis emerges is comforting and increases focus on the mission at hand. I consider the Green Beret Foundation a part of the team when I go downrange.

One Big Team

It is an honor to announce the partnership between the Green Beret Foundation and Origins Training Group. As the co-founder and Green Beret it is an Origins Training Group directive to provide support across a full spectrum of sources to this awesome organization. I personally encourage all Americans to become aware of these protectors of freedom and the sacrifices they and their families have made.

Brian in uniform with mountains of Afghanistan in the background

Brian in Afghanistan