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Origins Training Group is pleased to announce its involvement with Compass Rose Apparel’s official Kickstarter campaign! Benefit from a backer reward that invests in you with training and practical skills that will change your understanding and survivability in the wilderness…and look great doing it.


We will be providing backer rewards at two levels:


A pledge of $500 to Compass Rose Apparel will grant you access to the OTG NAV/SAR course:

WHAT YOU LEARN – Regardless of your personal proficiency in an outdoor environment, land navigation is always a skill set that is critical to your survival. In the NAV/SAR course you will sit down in a classroom setting with one of our special operation veteran instructors who is also an expert in backcountry navigation and learn how to read a topographic map. In addition you will learn how to plan a route  and how terrain will effect your route plan.

Before we head out to the forest your team will be tasked with a mission developed from real world SAR (search and rescue) experiences. Once in the Origins Training Group training area (wilderness of the Rocky Mountains) your comprehension will be re-enforced with practical application. Our instructors will then expand your knowledge by learning how to operate of a lensatic compass. You will undergo an awakening when you can actually walk the backcountry to the exact point you picked out on a map.

Now its time to execute your SAR mission using these skills and new found sense of understanding of the environment. Time and planning matter because someones life is on the line. Once you recover the casualty and are mission complete, its time to return to civilization and de-brief. “De-brief” is OriginsTG speak for linking up at the local rustic mountain grill with your instructors and teammates to celebrate over some hearty food and drinks.


A pledge of $1000 to Compass Rose Apparel grants you access to the OTG WILDERNESS SURVIVAL course:

WHAT YOU LEARN – In Origins Training Group Survive! Your reward will be a life long one. You will be equipped with the most important tool in any survival situation- the survival mindset. Origins Training Group survival philosophy is clearly formatted into 7 steps which will be thoroughly taught through informal lecture and supported by practical wilderness fieldcraft exercises. Instructors will guide you in every step of the learning process to include a your working knowledge of the 4 core survival skills. Some of your meals will be provided but others will be procured off the land and fire making will become almost reflexive.

The goal for the course is for you to become tuned into the composition of your environment and plan your moves efficiently until you reach civilization. In addition you will be introduced to some Native American techniques and partake in discussions with tribal elders from where modern survival skills have their origins.

This is a full 2 day and evening course where you will be learning while fully immersed in a survival scenario. See the environment with a new understanding and know that you are prepared for whatever it may bring. Whether you are enjoying the wilderness for recreation or find yourself and others in a emergency situation, you will be confident in your ability to survive.