Our Services


We provide the most compelling, beneficial, and fun Leadership Development and Team Optimization programs in the industry. Our Special Forces-themed training is scenario-based, highly interactive, totally hands-on and mission focused. We teach proven Special Forces methods of leadership, team-forging, planning and execution to help maximize your organization’s potential. Our programs utilize complex role-players, highly developed scenarios, and training in a range of tactical and wilderness skills, in order to deliver the most unique and impactful leadership and team experience possible.


What Can My Organization Learn From Special Forces?

US Special Forces teams (Green Berets) regularly conduct operations in the most austere, dangerous, and complex environments known in human conflict and diplomacy. Over the years of trial-by-fire, Special Forces has evolved an elite culture, structure, and team dynamic which has made it uncommonly successful in a spectrum of combat, humanitarian, and diplomatic missions the world over.


Aside from their legendary mental and physical toughness, flexibility, and creativity, Green Berets are experts at navigating what we call the “human terrain.” For a Special Forces operator, every person encountered is a potential asset for the accomplishment of the mission.


The Special Forces culture relies on effective techniques for conducting and managing numerous critical human interactions, in order to “force multiply,” and achieve goals that would otherwise require thousands of conventional troops to accomplish. These experiences can provide indispensable insight and inspiration to civilian organizations, enabling them to become the absolute elite of their own world, no matter what they do.


Our People Make the Program

Our instructors are Special Operations veterans, experienced business consultants, and wilderness and tactical professionals committed to providing the highest level of inspiration and guidance for your team.


Our mission intent includes:

  • Making insight and training in successful Special Operations practices and philosophy available to civilian organizations
  • Providing the most exciting, relevant, groundbreaking, and fun events in the leadership development and team building industry
  • Bridging the vast gap of understanding between those who have served their country, and those that they serve
  • Giving Special Operations veterans relevance in the civilian world, consistent with the vital and complex roles they filled in service of their country
  • Supporting relevant charities and community outreach