Whether your job will put you in Afghanistan or Africa under direct threat of enemy contact in a fluid Unconventional Warfare and cross-cultural situation, or in the backcountry as part of a search-and-rescue mission, law enforcement activity, or wilderness ranger patrol, Origins Training Group can significantly increase your survivability and chances of mission success.

In our professional courses you will learn to navigate to a stunning level of accuracy with Special Operations techniques of map and compass use, as well as making yourself into a walking GPS by reading multiple elements of the natural environment around you. Since these courses are designed for those going into potentially or overtly hostile environments, you will be taught to do so with strict adherence to good principles of tactical patrolling and operations.

In addition to navigation, our professional courses offer in-depth training in tactical and/or emergency-minded wilderness survival, hazardous terrain negotiation, and emergency and tactical medicine.



If you or your organization will be entering a potentially volatile area somewhere in the world, chances are you will do so surrounded by a culture, language and religion that is not your own. Special Forces (Green Berets) are the masters of embedded work in these types of environments, and at Origins Training Group we draw on that unclassified institutional knowledge to create intricate mission scenarios which acknowledge the reality that mastery of the human/cultural terrain is just as important as knowing how to navigate the physical terrain. Learn these skills while interacting with foreign language-speaking role players with differing cultural and social norms.


Origins Training Group’s Professional courses are for:

  • Military
  • LEOs
  • SAR and disaster relief teams
  • 3-letter agencies
  • Wilderness rangers
  • Humanitarian aid workers
  • Defense contractors
  • Personnel protection professionals
  • Other types of professionals

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